Pro Tips for Hot and Humid Weather Bridal Makeup

Picture This:  A beach wedding by WWE & CO a team of local wedding and destination planners. in the beautiful coastline of Benaulim in Goa. With the bright blue Arabian sea in the background, the swaying coconut palms and lush green fields  all around. A beautiful bride in her stunning white gown is all smiles on the most amazing day of her life. Now she is by the coast, the weather; hot and humid making her sweat, with the sun burning down. Her makeup is giving way and sliding off due to the oil and sweat!

When the right products are not used, makeup can turn on a oily mess with the heat that turns the skins greasy. So what is the solution? The right choice of products, application techniques  and avoiding oily applications as for as possible is most recommended. Various products have oil free versions that you can choose from.  Keep the shine on your face to a minimum as these add to light and reflect on your face when photographed which would appear to look oily.  Face powder when used for a base coat can take over, so keep in mind to use very little of it. I have got a few other tips for you as well, I used these methods and products while I took up a project  for a  wedding planning team while on holiday last December and have had good success with it.

At the beginning
Ensure that the skin is clean by washing it off gently with clay cleanser to gently remove all the oils and grime from it  using Dermalogica, do not leaving it too dry.  The next step would be adding a lotion as a moisturizer if you are going to use foundation.  Keeping in mind to not use any creams as they have more oil content than water unlike lotions. Using a UVA sunscreen lotion that has no Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide which are generally very thick and tends to get  greasy.

 Applying the Foundation
Less coverage is required if you have young and vibrant skin as you will require to for a tinted moisturizer.  Lauran Mercier is product that is made for such climates as it is oil free with strong sun protection.  Concealers can be used where needed to cover up the odd blemishes using oil-blotting papers to blot up the access.

Working with the Eyes
Get started with the eyes with Colour Me Beautiful as a base which will help the makeup stay in stay-on without any creasing.  Use a brush to blend with matt powder shadows without any creams. To define the shape of the eyebrows use a neutral color first then use a light color under the arch.  Define the eyes with a eye pencil and then gently use a flat brush to blend the line with more power eye shadow.

Use a Blusher along with a Bronzer
Here again use powdered versions of bronzers where the sun will hit you the most, in areas such as the forehead, on the cheekbones, around the nose and chin. Dab a blush of your choice on the cheeks as well.

Get started with the Lips
For the lips keeps it basic with a lip gloss of your choice, there are so many to choose from so feel free to pick one that you like. If you would like to add another element to it, use a lip pencil to define the outlines after-which you can add the color in. You can take this a step further by adding another coat after you blot the lipstick with an oil blotting paper.

Finishing up

To finish up use a fine spray of water across the face to help set it all up. Ensure that you try all the products that you plan to use in advance in your makeup rehearsals.

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